Cake - API - Cake.Git.dll Assembly

Cake.Git.dll Assembly

Class Types

Class Summary
GitAliases Class GitAliases. Contains functionality for working with GIT using LibGit2 & LibGit2Sharp
GitBranch Representation of a Git branch.
GitCloneSettings Contains settings used by GitClone.
GitCommit Representation of a Git commit.
GitDiffFile Represents a Git diff file entry
GitMergeResult Git repository merge operation result
GitRemote Representation of a Git remote.
GitSignature Git Commit Author / Committer.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
GitChangeKind The kind of changes that a Diff can report.
GitDescribeStrategy Specify the kind of committish which will be considered when trying to identify the closest reference to the described commit.
GitMergeStatus The status of what happened as a result of a merge.
GitResetMode The mode to be used when resetting the branch head and, optionally, the index and the working tree.