Cake runner for .NET Core

The Cake runner for .NET Core is deprecated and no longer updated since Cake 2.0. It is suggested to use Cake .NET Tool for running Cake scripts.


The Cake.CoreCLR NuGet package was a runner compiled for .NET Core 2.0.


dotnet Cake.dll [script] [switches]


Switch Description Available Since
--bootstrap Download/install modules defined by #module directives, but do not run build. Since 1.0.0-rc0001 bootstrapping is done by default when running build. 0.24.0
-d, --debug Launches script in debug mode. 0.12.0
--description Shows description about tasks. 0.1.10
--dryrun Performs a dry run. 0.2.0
-e, --exclusive Execute a single task without any dependencies. 0.29.0
-h, --help Prints help information. 0.1.12
--info Displays additional information about Cake execution. 0.31.0
--skip-bootstrap Skips bootstrapping when running build. 1.0.0-rc0001
--tree Shows the task dependency tree. 0.31.0
-v, --verbosity <VERBOSITY> Specifies the amount of information to be displayed (quiet, minimal, normal, verbose, diagnostic). 0.1.1
--version Displays version information. 0.1.12

--target=<target> is not a switch of the runner, but a custom switch which scripts often implement to invoke a specific task.

Custom switches

All switches not recognized by Cake will be added to an argument list that is passed to the build script. See Arguments And Environment Variables how to read arguments in your script.

Use a space instead of = if the value of a switch can be empty or null:

--foo ""