Visual Studio task runner

Configuring task runner

Visual Studio task runner integration is provided by the Cake extension for Visual Studio.

Install Cake

In order to use the task runner you must have Cake installed on your machine or in your solution.

To use Cake .NET Tool it needs to be installed globally:

dotnet tool install --global Cake.Tool

There is currently no support for task runner for Cake Frosting.

Supported runners

Runner Supported Remarks
Cake .NET Tool Only for global installations.
Cake Frosting

Using task runner

You can open the Task Runner Explorer window by right-clicking on the file from your Solution Explorer and choosing Task Runner Explorer:

Open Visual Studio task runner explorer

Individual tasks will be listed on the left:

Task list

Each task can be executed by double-clicking the task:

Visual Studio task runner explorer


Task bindings make it possible to associate individual tasks with Visual Studio events such as Project Open, Build or Clean. These bindings are stored in your cake.config file.

Visual Studio task runner explorer bindings