GitHub Actions

Out of the box support

The GitHubActions alias, which returns an IGitHubActionsProvider instance can be used to interact with the GitHub Actions environment.

The following example prints if the build is for a pull request running on GitHub Actions:

if (BuildSystem.GitHubActions.IsRunningOnGitHubActions)
    Information("Not running on GitHub Actions");

See IGitHubActionsProvider for details and available methods to interact with GitHub Actions.

Available 3rd party extensions

Cake.GitHub by Geert van Horrik, Cake Contributors
GitHub Addin for Cake Build Automation System.
Cake.GithubUtility by Cake.GitHubUtility
Package Description
GitHub Actions support for the Cake.Issues addin allows you to report to GitHub Actions builds. This addin provides the aliases for writing to GitHub Actions builds. It also requires the core Cake.Issues and Cake.Issues.PullRequests addins and one or more issue providers. See for an overview of the whole ecosystem of addins for working with issues in Cake scripts.