OctoDeployRelease(ICakeContext, string, string, string, string[], string, OctopusDeployReleaseDeploymentSettings) Method


Deploys the specified already existing release into a specified environment See Octopus Documentation for more details.


public static void OctoDeployRelease(this ICakeContext context, string server, string apiKey, string projectName, string[] deployToMultiple, string releaseNumber, OctopusDeployReleaseDeploymentSettings settings)


     // bare minimum
     OctoDeployRelease("http://octopus-deploy.example", "API-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", "MyGreatProject", "Testing", "2.1.15-RC" new OctopusDeployReleaseDeploymentSettings());

     // All of deployment arguments
     OctoDeployRelease("http://octopus-deploy.example", "API-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", "MyGreatProject", new string[] {"Testing", "Testing2"}, "2.1.15-RC" new OctopusDeployReleaseDeploymentSettings {
         ShowProgress = true,
         ForcePackageDownload = true,
         WaitForDeployment = true,
         DeploymentTimeout = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(1),
         CancelOnTimeout = true,
         DeploymentChecksLeapCycle = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(77),
         GuidedFailure = true,
         SpecificMachines = new string[] { "Machine1", "Machine2" },
         Force = true,
         SkipSteps = new[] { "Step1", "Step2" },
         NoRawLog = true,
         RawLogFile = "someFile.txt",
         DeployAt = new DateTime(2010, 6, 15).AddMinutes(1),
         Tenant = new[] { "Tenant1", "Tenant2" },
         TenantTags = new[] { "Tag1", "Tag2" },



Type Description
CakeMethodAliasAttribute An attribute used to mark script method aliases.


Name Type Description
context ICakeContext The cake context.
server string The Octopus server URL.
apiKey string The user's API key.
projectName string Name of the target project.
deployToMultiple string[] Multiple target environment names.
releaseNumber string Version number of the release to deploy. Specify "latest" for the latest release.
settings OctopusDeployReleaseDeploymentSettings Deployment settings.

Return Value

Type Description