Cake.Common.Tools.OctopusDeploy Namespace


This namespace contain types used to interact with Octopus Deploy.

Class Types

Class Summary
CreateReleaseSettings Contains settings used by CreateRelease(string, CreateReleaseSettings). See Octopus Deploy documentation here

Contains functionality related to Octopus Deploy.

In order to use the commands for this alias, include the following in your build.cake file to download and install from, or specify the ToolPath within the appropriate settings class:

#tool "nuget:?package=OctopusTools"

OctopusDeployPacker The Octopus deploy package packer
OctopusDeployPusher The Octopus Deploy package push runner
OctopusDeployReleaseCreator The Octopus Deploy release creator runner
OctopusDeployReleaseDeployer The Octopus Deploy Release Deploy runner. This class facilitates deploying existing releases in Octopus Deploy.
OctopusDeployReleaseDeploymentSettings Possible arguments to pass to Octo.exe for deploying a release. See Octopus Deploy documentation
OctopusDeploySettings Contains the common settings used by all commands in OctopusDeployReleaseCreator.
OctopusPackSettings Contains the settings used by OctoPack.
OctopusPushSettings Contains settings used by PushPackage(string, string, FilePath[], OctopusPushSettings).

Enum Types

Enum Summary
OctopusPackFormat Represents the format of an Octopus package.