Cake.AppVeyor Namespace


This namespace contain types representing data used for interaction with AppVeyor's REST API.

Class Types

Class Summary

AppVeyor API related cake aliases.

In order to use aliases from this addin, you will need to also reference Refit and Newtonsoft.Json as an addin. Here is what including Cake.AppVeyor in your script should look like:

#addin package:?Cake.AppVeyor
#addin package:?Refit&version=4.6.58
#addin package:?Newtonsoft.Json&version=11.0.2

AppVeyorBuild Build
AppVeyorDeployment Deployment
AppVeyorEnvironment Environment
AppVeyorEnvironmentDeployment Environment Deployment information.
AppVeyorEnvironmentDeployments Environment Deployments
AppVeyorJob Job
AppVeyorNuGetFeed NuGet Feed
AppVeyorProject Project
AppVeyorProjectBuild Project Build
AppVeyorProjectDeployment Project Deployment
AppVeyorProjectDeployments Project Deployments
AppVeyorProjectHistory Project History
AppVeyorSettings AppVeyor Settings