Cake.Xamarin Namespace


This namespace contain types representing data used for interaction with the Xamarin platform.

Class Types

Class Summary
CommonProjectTypeGuids Common project type GUID values for Xamarin projects.
MDToolSettings MDTool settings.
MDToolSetupRunner A wrapper around the Xamarin Studio Add-in Setup Utility (mdtool setup).
MDToolSetupSettings Settings for the MDToolSetupRunner.
TestCloudSettings Test cloud settings.
VSToolSetupRunner A wrapper around the Visual Studio Mac Add-in Setup Utility (vstool setup).
VSToolSetupSettings Settings for the VSToolSetupRunner.
XamarinAliases Xamarin related cake aliases.
XamarinComponentCredentialSettings Xamarin component tool settings.
XamarinComponentRestoreSettings Xamarin component restore command settings.
XamarinComponentSettings Xamarin component tool settings.
XamarinComponentSubmitSettings Xamarin component restore command settings.
XamarinComponentUploadSettings Xamarin component restore command settings.