FindObfuscations(ICakeContext, FilePath, bool, bool, bool, string[]) Method


Finds likely obfuscated types and members based on the java type or member name. The default regex pattern looks for types or members with only 3 character long names.


public static FindObfuscationResults FindObfuscations(this ICakeContext context, FilePath assembly, bool ignoreDefaultExceptions = false, bool ignoreMembers = false, bool ignoreTypes = false, string[] regexPatterns = null)


Type Description


Name Type Description
context ICakeContext The context.
assembly FilePath The assembly file to search in.
ignoreDefaultExceptions bool If set to true ignore default exceptions (such as to, for, at, etc).
ignoreMembers bool If set to true ignore members.
ignoreTypes bool If set to true ignore types.
regexPatterns string[] Custom regex patterns to use instead of the default. These are based on a single line regex.

Return Value

Type Description
FindObfuscationResults The obfuscations.