Cake.Testing Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
FakeConfiguration Implementation of a fake ICakeConfiguration.
FakeConsole Implementation of a fake IConsole.
FakeDirectory Represents a fake directory.
FakeDirectoryExtensions Contains extensions for FakeDirectory.
FakeEnvironment Represents a fake environment.
FakeFile Represents a fake file.
FakeFileExtensions Contains extensions for FakeFile.
FakeFileSystem Represents a fake file system.
FakeFileSystemExtensions Contains extensions for FakeFileSystem.
FakeLog Implementation of a ICakeLog that saves all messages written to it.
FakeLogMessage A log message produced by FakeLog.
FakePlatform An implementation of a fake ICakePlatform
FakeProcess Implementation of a fake process.
FakeRuntime An implementation of a fake ICakeRuntime
ToolFixtureExtensions Contains extension methods for ToolFixture<TToolSettings, TFixtureResult>.