StyleCopSettings Class


Contains configuration for a stylecop analysis execution.
Base Types
  • Object
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public class StyleCopSettings


Name Summary
StyleCopSettings() Creates a new instance of the StyleCopSettings class.


Name Value Summary
Addins DirectoryPathCollection
The list of paths to search under for parser and analyzer addins. Can be null if no addin paths are provided.
FullAnalyze bool
Determines whether to ignore cache files and reanalyze every file from scratch.
HtmlReportFile FilePath
Outputs an html report using the default stylesheet or a custom one if specified in StyleSheet
LoadFromDefaultPath bool
Indicates whether to load addins from the default path, where the core binary is located.
ResultsFile FilePath
Optional path to the results output file.
SettingsFile FilePath
The path to the settings to load or null to use the default project settings files.
SolutionFile FilePath
The solution file
StyleSheet FilePath
The StyleSheet Path
WriteResultsCache bool
Indicates whether to write results cache files.

Extension Methods

Name Value Summary
Dump<StyleCopSettings>() string
Get a basic string representation of specified object.
Requires the Cake.Incubator addin
IsIn<StyleCopSettings>(StyleCopSettings[]) bool
Checks if the source is contained in a list
Requires the Cake.Incubator addin
LoadFromDefaultPath(bool) StyleCopSettings
Indicates if Stylecop should load addins from the same directory as stylecop.dll.
Requires the Cake.StyleCop addin
NotNull<StyleCopSettings>(string) void
Throws an exception if the specified parameter's value is null.
Requires the Cake.Ftp addin
NotNull<StyleCopSettings>(string) void
Requires the Cake.Issues addin
ThrowIfNull<StyleCopSettings>(string, string) T
Throws a System.ArgumentNullException with a specific message if the value is null, otherwise returns the value
Requires the Cake.Incubator addin
ThrowIfNull<StyleCopSettings>(string) T
Throws a System.ArgumentNullException if the value is null, otherwise returns the value
Requires the Cake.Incubator addin
ToDictionary() IDictionary<string, object>
Requires the Cake.DeployParams addin
ToHtmlReport(FilePath, FilePath) StyleCopSettings
Indicates the results should be outputted as an HTML report.
Requires the Cake.StyleCop addin
ToResultFile(FilePath) StyleCopSettings
Indicates the filepath to output the stylecop results to.
Requires the Cake.StyleCop addin
UsingResultCache(bool, bool) StyleCopSettings
Use the stylecop result cache to speed up analysis.
Requires the Cake.StyleCop addin
WithAddins(DirectoryPath[]) StyleCopSettings
Specifies which directories to load Stylecop addins from. If none are specified and LoadFromDefaultPath is true all .dll files next to the stylecop.dll file will be added as potential addins.
Requires the Cake.StyleCop addin
WithSettings(FilePath) StyleCopSettings
Specifies the Stylecop.settings file path.
Requires the Cake.StyleCop addin
WithSolution(FilePath) StyleCopSettings
Specifies the .net solution to analyse.
Requires the Cake.StyleCop addin