Cake.SevenZip Namespace

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Class Summary

Functions to call 7-Zip.

In order to use this add-in, 7z.exe or 7za.exe has to be available. One option is using 7-Zip.CommandLine from nuget. The other option is to have 7z installed on your system (I.e. There is a registry-key HKLM/Software/7-Zip/Path that points to a directory containing 7z.exe or 7za.exe).

Supported formats and capabilities depend on your 7z-version.

To install add the following lines to your cake-file:

#tool "nuget:?package=7-Zip.CommandLine"
#addin "nuget:?package=Cake.7zip"

SevenZipRunner The Tool-Runner for 7zip.
SevenZipSettings Settings for running 7zip.