SwitchNtSecurityInformation Class


-sni (Store NT security information) switch.

Use this switch to store and restore NT (NTFS) security information for files and directories. Note that only NTFS file system supports that feature. Current version of 7-Zip can store NT security information only to WIM archives.

Base Types
graph BT Type-->Base0["BaseBoolSwitch"] click Base0 "/api/Cake.SevenZip.Switches/BaseBoolSwitch" Base0-->Base1["Object"] Type-.->Interface0["ISwitch"] click Interface0 "/api/Cake.SevenZip.Switches/ISwitch" Type["SwitchNtSecurityInformation"] class Type type-node


public class SwitchNtSecurityInformation : BaseBoolSwitch, ISwitch


Name Summary
SwitchNtSecurityInformation(bool) Initializes a new instance of the SwitchNtSecurityInformation class.


Name Value Summary
BuildArguments(ProcessArgumentBuilder) void
Builds the arguments using the builder.
Inherited from BaseBoolSwitch

Extension Methods

Name Value Summary
Dump<SwitchNtSecurityInformation>() string
Get a basic string representation of specified object.
Requires the Cake.Incubator addin
IsIn<SwitchNtSecurityInformation>(SwitchNtSecurityInformation[]) bool
Checks if the source is contained in a list
Requires the Cake.Incubator addin
NotNull<SwitchNtSecurityInformation>(string) void
Throws an exception if the specified parameter's value is null.
Requires the Cake.Ftp addin
NotNull<SwitchNtSecurityInformation>(string) void
Requires the Cake.Issues addin
ThrowIfNull<SwitchNtSecurityInformation>(string, string) T
Throws a System.ArgumentNullException with a specific message if the value is null, otherwise returns the value
Requires the Cake.Incubator addin
ThrowIfNull<SwitchNtSecurityInformation>(string) T
Throws a System.ArgumentNullException if the value is null, otherwise returns the value
Requires the Cake.Incubator addin
ToDictionary() IDictionary<string, object>
Requires the Cake.DeployParams addin

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