Cake.Putty Namespace


This namespace contains Putty operations.

Class Types

Class Summary
ArgumentsBuilderExtension Arguments builder
AutoToolSettings Base class for tooling that is used for autogeneration of command line arguments.
BoolParameterAttribute Decorates a bool property with parameter names.
ParameterAttribute Decorates with parameter name.
PlinkSettings Settings for Plink build.
PlinkTool<TSettings> Base class for all Plink related tools.
PscpSettings Settings for Pscp build.
PscpTool<TSettings> Base class for all Pscp related tools.
PuttyAliases Contains functionality for working with Plink. Aliases for Putty. Contains functionality for working with PSCP.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
IpVersion IP version
PlinkProtocol PLink protocol.
Protocol Transfer protocol.
SshVersion SSH version.