Cake.Putty Namespace


This namespace contains Putty operations.

Class Types

Class Summary
ArgumentsBuilderExtension Arguments builder
AutoToolSettings Base class for tooling that is used for autogeneration of command line arguments.
BoolParameterAttribute Decorates a bool property with parameter names.
IpVersion IP version
ParameterAttribute Decorates with parameter name.
PlinkProtocol PLink protocol.
PlinkSettings Settings for Plink build.
PlinkTool<TSettings> Base class for all Plink related tools.
Protocol Transfer protocol.
PscpSettings Settings for Pscp build.
PscpTool<TSettings> Base class for all Pscp related tools.
PuttyAliases Contains functionality for working with Plink. Contains functionality for working with PSCP. Aliases for Putty.
SshVersion SSH version.