MicrosoftTeamsPostMessage(ICakeContext, string, MicrosoftTeamsSettings) Method


Posts a message to a Microsoft Teams channel


public static HttpStatusCode MicrosoftTeamsPostMessage(this ICakeContext context, string message, MicrosoftTeamsSettings settings)


MicrosoftTeamsPostMessage("Hello from Cake!",
   new MicrosoftTeamsSettings {
       IncomingWebhookUrl = EnvironmentVariable("MicrosoftTeamsWebHook")


Type Description


Name Type Description
context ICakeContext The context.
message string The message.
settings MicrosoftTeamsSettings The settings.

Return Value

Type Description
HttpStatusCode Response Code Description Details
200OkA well-formed request is sent to an existing webhook. The request contains a valid payload, and has a valid corresponding webhook configuration.
400Bad RequestAn incorrectly-formed request is sent to a webhook that exists. The payload could contain non-parseable JSON, incorrect JSON values (e.g.expected a String, got an array), incorrect content-type, etc..
404Not FoundA request is sent to a webhook that does not exist.
413Payload Too LargeA request is sent to a webhook that is too large in size for processing.
429Too Many RequestsClient is sending too many requests and Office 365 is throttling the requests to a webhook.