KubectlEditSettings Class


Edit a resource from the default editor. The edit command allows you to directly edit any API resource you can retrieve via the command line tools. It will open the editor defined by your KUBE_EDITOR, or EDITOR environment variables, or fall back to 'vi' for Linux or 'notepad' for Windows. You can edit multiple objects, although changes are applied one at a time. The command accepts filenames as well as command line arguments, although the files you point to must be previously saved versions of resources. Editing is done with the API version used to fetch the resource. To edit using a specific API version, fully-qualify the resource, version, and group. The default format is YAML. To edit in JSON, specify "-o json". The flag --windows-line-endings can be used to force Windows line endings, otherwise the default for your operating system will be used. In the event an error occurs while updating, a temporary file will be created on disk that contains your unapplied changes. The most common error when updating a resource is another editor changing the resource on the server. When this occurs, you will have to apply your changes to the newer version of the resource, or update your temporary saved copy to include the latest resource version.
Base Types
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public sealed class KubectlEditSettings : AutoToolSettings


# Edit the service named 'docker-registry': kubectl edit svc/docker-registry # Use an alternative editor KUBE_EDITOR="nano" kubectl edit svc/docker-registry # Edit the job 'myjob' in JSON using the v1 API format: kubectl edit job.v1.batch/myjob -o json # Edit the deployment 'mydeployment' in YAML and save the modified config in its annotation: kubectl edit deployment/mydeployment -o yaml --save-config


Type Description


Name Summary


Name Value Summary
AllowMissingTemplateKeys Nullable<bool>
--allow-missing-template-keys If true, ignore any errors in templates when a field or map key is missing in the template. Only applies to golang and jsonpath output formats.
Filename string
-f, --filename Filename, directory, or URL to files to use to edit the resource
Kustomize string
-k, --kustomize Process the kustomization directory. This flag can't be used together with -f or -R.
Output string
-o, --output Output format. One of: json|yaml|name|go-template|go-template-file|template|templatefile|jsonpath|jsonpath-file.
OutputPatch Nullable<bool>
--output-patch Output the patch if the resource is edited.
Record Nullable<bool>
--record Record current kubectl command in the resource annotation. If set to false, do not record the command. If set to true, record the command. If not set, default to updating the existing annotation value only if one already exists.
Recursive Nullable<bool>
-R, --recursive Process the directory used in -f, --filename recursively. Useful when you want to manage related manifests organized within the same directory.
SaveConfig Nullable<bool>
--save-config If true, the configuration of current object will be saved in its annotation. Otherwise, the annotation will be unchanged. This flag is useful when you want to perform kubectl apply on this object in the future.
Template string
--template Template string or path to template file to use when -o=go-template, -o=go-template-file. The template format is golang templates [http://golang.org/pkg/text/template/#pkg-overview].
Validate Nullable<bool>
--validate If true, use a schema to validate the input before sending it
WindowsLineEndings Nullable<bool>
--windows-line-endings Defaults to the line ending native to your platform.

Extension Methods

Name Value Summary
Dump<KubectlEditSettings>() string
Get a basic string representation of specified object.
Requires the Cake.Incubator addin
IsIn<KubectlEditSettings>(KubectlEditSettings[]) bool
Checks if the source is contained in a list
Requires the Cake.Incubator addin
NotNull<KubectlEditSettings>(string) void
Throws an exception if the specified parameter's value is null.
Requires the Cake.Ftp addin
NotNull<KubectlEditSettings>(string) void
Throws an exception if the specified parameter's value is null.
Requires the Cake.Issues addin
ThrowIfNull<KubectlEditSettings>(string) T
Throws a System.ArgumentNullException if the value is null, otherwise returns the value
Requires the Cake.Incubator addin
ThrowIfNull<KubectlEditSettings>(string, string) T
Throws a System.ArgumentNullException with a specific message if the value is null, otherwise returns the value
Requires the Cake.Incubator addin
ToDictionary() IDictionary<string, object>
Requires the Cake.DeployParams addin