Cake.Common.Tools.MSBuild Namespace


This namespace contain types used to interact with MSBuild.

Class Types

Class Summary

Contains functionality related to MSBuild.

In order to use the commands for this alias, MSBuild will already have to be installed on the machine the Cake Script is being executed.

MSBuildBinaryLogSettings MSBuild binary logging settings used by MSBuildSettings.
MSBuildFileLogger Contains settings for specifying a MSBuild file logger.
MSBuildLogger Contains settings for specifying a MSBuild logger.
MSBuildRunner The MSBuild runner.
MSBuildSettings Contains settings used by MSBuildRunner.
MSBuildSettingsExtensions Contains functionality related to MSBuild settings.
MSBuildVerbosityExtensions Contains functionality related to MSBuild verbosity.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
MSBuildBinaryLogImports What files to include in the binary log.
MSBuildFileLoggerOutput The type of file logger output to generate.
MSBuildPlatform Represents an MSBuild exe platform.
MSBuildToolVersion Represents a MSBuild tool version.
MSBuildVersion Represents a MSBuild version.
PlatformTarget Represents a MSBuild platform target.