WithLogger(DotNetMSBuildSettings, string, string, string) Method


Adds a custom logger.


public static DotNetMSBuildSettings WithLogger(this DotNetMSBuildSettings settings, string loggerAssembly, string loggerClass = null, string loggerParameters = null)


Name Type Description
settings DotNetMSBuildSettings The settings.
loggerAssembly string The assembly containing the logger. Should match the format {AssemblyName[,StrongName] | AssemblyFile}.
loggerClass string The class implementing the logger. Should match the format [PartialOrFullNamespace.]LoggerClassName. If the assembly contains only one logger, class does not need to be specified.
loggerParameters string Parameters to be passed to the logger.

Return Value

Type Description
DotNetMSBuildSettings The same DotNetMSBuildSettings instance so that multiple calls can be chained.