Cake.Common.Build.AppVeyor Namespace


This namespace contain types used to interact with AppVeyor.

Class Types

Class Summary
AppVeyorInfo Base class used to provide information about the AppVeyor environment.
AppVeyorProvider Responsible for communicating with AppVeyor.
AppVeyorProviderAddMessageExtensions AddMessage extension methods for the IAppVeyorProvider.
AppVeyorUploadArtifactsSettings AppVeyor upload artifacts settings.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
AppVeyorMessageCategoryType AppVeyor AddMessage categories.
AppVeyorTestResultsType Provides the known values for the AppVeyor test results types.
AppVeyorUploadArtifactType Provides the known artifact upload types for the AppVeyor.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IAppVeyorProvider Represents a service that communicates with AppVeyor.


Namespace Summary
Cake.Common.Build.AppVeyor.Data This namespace contain types representing data used for interaction with AppVeyor.