Cake.AsciiDoctorJ Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary

Functions to call AsciiDoctorJ.

In order to use this addin add the following to your build.cake.

#addin "nuget:?package=Cake.AsciiDoctorJ"

AsciiDoctorJRunnerSettings The settings to configure the run of AsciiDoctorJ.
AsciiDoctorJRunnerSettingsExtensions Extensions for fluent writing of AsciiDoctorJRunnerSettings.
BuiltinBackend The builtin backends. Use WithBuiltinBackend(AsciiDoctorJRunnerSettings, BuiltinBackend) to use these values to modify Backend.
DocType The document types to use for DocType.
ERuby The eRuby values to use for ERuby.
SafeMode The SafeModes values to use with SafeMode.