ArgumentConfigToString<T>(ICakeContext, T) Method


Takes in an object that has arguments binded to it, and creates a string-representation of the class.


public static string ArgumentConfigToString<T>(this ICakeContext context, T obj)


This prints the values for each property that has a IReadOnlyArgumentAttribute bound to it that the user passed in.

public class MyConfig
            Description = "Set to 'true' to not do anything.",
            DefaultValue = false
        public bool DryRun { get; set; }
    MyConfig config = CreateFromArguments<MyConfig>();
    Information( ArgumentConfigToString( config ) );
    // If cake --dry_run is set to true, this is what will be printed out:
    // MyConfig's Configuration:
    //      -dry_run: True


This is an extension of ICakeContext, which means unless your config object has a reference to a ICakeContext, you can't call this function in a config object's ToString() function. If you *want* to do that, call ConfigToStringHelper<T>(T) directly (though you may need a "using Cake.ArgumentBinder" statement for that). Also, obviously, if the given object has no arguments binded to it, this isn't going to be helpful.


Type Description

Type Parameters

Name Description
T The type of class that has arguments bounded to it.


Name Type Description
context ICakeContext
obj T The type object to get the string of.

Return Value

Type Description
string A string that shows what the user passed into the class.