A set of aliases for Cake to help with Xamarin projects.

#addin nuget:?package=Cake.Xamarin&version=4.0.0

dotnet add package Cake.Xamarin --version 4.0.0

<PackageReference Include="Cake.Xamarin" Version="4.0.0" />


Xamarin related cake aliases.


BuildAndroidApk(FilePath, bool, string, Action<MSBuildSettings>) Creates an android .APK package file using the MSBuild target `SignAndroidPackage` See documentation for more info:
BuildiOSIpa(FilePath, string, string, Action<MSBuildSettings>) Creates an IPA archive of an iOS Appof an app with MDTool Change your project settings to output an IPA file, and use the MSBuild to build. See documentation for more info:,_testing,_and_metrics/app_distribution/ipa_support/#Building_via_the_Command_Line_On_Mac
PackageComponent(DirectoryPath, XamarinComponentSettings) Packages the component for a given component YAML configuration file
RestoreComponents(FilePath, XamarinComponentRestoreSettings) Restores Xamarin Components for a given project
SubmitComponent(FilePath, XamarinComponentSubmitSettings) Submits a .xam component package which is a brand new component on the store and has no previous versions
SubmitComponents(XamarinComponentSubmitSettings, string[]) Finds and Submits .xam component packages which match the globbing patterns
TestCloud(FilePath, string, string, string, DirectoryPath, TestCloudSettings) Uploads an android .APK package to TestCloud and runs UITests
UITest(FilePath, NUnitSettings) Runs UITests in a given assembly using NUnit
UploadComponent(FilePath, XamarinComponentUploadSettings) Uploads a .xam component package which is a new version of an existing component in the store
UploadComponents(XamarinComponentUploadSettings, string[]) Finds and Uploads .xam component packages which match the globbing patterns
VSToolSetup Gets a runner for invoking the Visual Studio Mac Add-in Setup Utility.