Cake addin for deserializing, modifying and serializing Apple OSX/iOS xml plists directly from .NET source code.

#addin nuget:?package=Cake.Plist&version=0.7.0

<package id="Cake.Plist" version="0.7.0" />

dotnet add package Cake.Plist --version 0.7.0

<PackageReference Include="Cake.Plist" Version="0.7.0" />


Contains functionality to work with plist files.


DeserializePlist(ICakeContext, FilePath) Deserializes a plist from file
DeserializePlistXml(ICakeContext, string) Desierializes plist from xml
SerializePlist(ICakeContext, FilePath, object) Serializes a plist into spezified file.
SerializePlistXml(ICakeContext, object) Serializes plist as xml