A Cake addin to provide support for Mage.exe.

#addin nuget:?package=Cake.Mage&version=1.1.0

dotnet add package Cake.Mage --version 1.1.0

<PackageReference Include="Cake.Mage" Version="1.1.0" />


Contains functionality related to the creation and editing of application and deployment manifests. using Mage (Manifest Generation and Editing Tool).


MageNewApplication(NewApplicationSettings) Creates a new application manifest.
MageNewDeployment(NewDeploymentSettings) Creates a new deployment manifest.
MageSign(SignSettings) Signs an application or deployment.
MageUpdateApplication(UpdateApplicationSettings) Makes one or more changes to an application manifest file.
MageUpdateDeployment(UpdateDeploymentSettings) Makes one or more changes to a deployment manifest file.