Cake addin for working with Active Directory

#addin nuget:?package=Cake.ActiveDirectory&version=1.4.2

dotnet add package Cake.ActiveDirectory --version 1.4.2

<PackageReference Include="Cake.ActiveDirectory" Version="1.4.2" />


Contains functionality related to managing Active Directory.


AddUser(string, string, UserSettings) Creates a new user in the specified active directory.
DeleteUser(string, UserSettings) Deletes user in the specified active directory.


FindAttributeValueByProperty(string, string, string, UserSettings) Finds attribute value by Property Value.
FindByOrganizationUnit(string, UserSettings) Finds all users in an organization unit.
FindDistinguishedNameByProperty(string, string, UserSettings) Finds Distinguished Name by Property Value.
FindUserPrincipalNameByProperty(string, string, UserSettings) Finds User Principal Name by Property Value.


DisableUser(string, string, UserSettings) Disables a user account given the specified properties.
UpdateOrganizationUnit(string, string, string, UserSettings) Updates a user's oraganization unit, given the specified properties.
UpdateUser(string, string, UserSettings) Updates a user account given the specified properties.