Cake support in WhiteSource Renovate

13 April 2021

WhiteSource Renovate is a solution for automating dependency updates in software projects which works (among others) hosted in GitHub (much like dependabot does).

In the new version 24.114.0 Renovate added support for Cake files!

So, as of now it is possible to have pull requests automatically created to update #addin, #tool and #module references in Cake files.

Big thanks go to the people behind WhiteSource Renovate for getting this done so quickly!

Enabling Renovate (on GitHub)

If Renovate was never activated in an account on GitHub, the process starts by installing the Renovate app.

To add an existing project to Renovate (after Renovate was installed) go to Organization Account -> Installed GitHub Apps for organizations or Account Settings -> Applications for personal accounts. Click Configure on the Renovate application and add all repositories that should be enabled for Renovate.

When Renovate is activated first on a project, it starts the onboarding process by creating a pull request that adds a (very bare) configuration (in the form of a renovate.json file) to the repository.

renovate.json has many configuration options, a simple example to add some labels to each pull request would look like this:

  "$schema": "",
  "extends": [
  "labels": ["dependencies"],
  "cake": {
    "addLabels": ["cake", "build"]
  "github-actions": {
    "addLabels": ["github_actions", "build"]
  "nuget": {
    "addLabels": [".NET"]