Cake for Rider released

06 January 2021

I am very proud to announce the first release (version 0.1.0) of the Cake for Rider extension for JetBrains Rider. This extension brings run configurations for Cake tasks, as well a tool window to show Cake scripts and tasks in the project.

Cake Tasks tool window

Cake files in the project are automatically found by extension and their tasks are displayed in a tool window:

Cake tasks tool window

Here, a double click on the task will run the task immediately:

Running a Cake task

Alternatively, the buttons at the top of the tool window can be used to either run the task directly, or create a new run configuration.

Cake run configurations

It is possible to have Cake tasks as run configurations:

Run configurations

The configurations can either be created from an existing Cake task, using the tool window or created manually using the run configuration editor:

Run configuration editor

Getting started

In Rider, go to File -> Settings -> Plugins -> Marketplace and search for Cake for Rider

Cake for Rider Plugin

Release Video

There is a short video discussing the main aspects of this release.

Feedback and contributions

Feedback and contributions (as well as ideas and feature requests) are always welcome.


I would like to thank Anna Dolbina who created a plugin with similar functions and who jumped right in to help us creating this official plugin.

I would like to thank Matt Ellis for his valuable help and input.