Cake v0.36.0 released

Saturday, 11 January 2020
Release Notes

Version 0.36.0 of Cake has been released.

A new year, a new release, this marks the first Cake release for 2020, a release packed with several features, improvements and fixes, full details of contents of this release at end of blog post.

As always a huge thanks to our awesome community! This project wouldn't be sustainable without your contributions and feedback❤

A big focus in this release has been in improved .NET Core 3 runtime support and better handling of native dependencies like i.e. SQL Server client.

We're also very happy to welcome Jérémie Desautels as a new Cake core team member! His contributions to the Cake ecosystem have been invaluable, especially his work with Cake.AddinDiscoverer which inventories new addins and makes sure existing ones follow best practices. This ensures a healthier, more robust and high quality experience for you as a Cake user. It also ensures better discoverability as new addins will now automatically generate a pull request to our website to be documented, addins unlisted from NuGet will automatically generate a pull request for removal from the site and a full audit report is published to cake-contrib/Home repo.

Contributions were included from:

Full details of everything that was included in this release can be seen below.


As part of this release we had 25 issues closed.


  • #2677 Add GitHub Actions build provider.
  • #2638 CreateAssemblyInfo alias should allow creation of custom boolean attributes and also empty attributes.


  • #2682 Add .NET Core 3.1 Runtime support.
  • #2679 Add optional GetToolExecutableNames that takes tool settings.
  • #2675 InspectCode: Add support for InspectCode.x86.exe tool.
  • #2673 DotNetCorePublishSettings should support new .NET Core 3 features.
  • #2671 NuGet Install doesn't allow to set NonInteractive to false.
  • #2663 Support Inno Setup 6.
  • #2657 Rename TFBuild.Environment.Repository.Branch to TFBuild.Environment.Repository.BranchName.
  • #2533 Setting SecurityRules with CreateAssemblyInfo.
  • #2532 Publish Cake.Testing.Xunit package.
  • #2328 InspectCode: Add support for new /verbosity argument.


  • #2652 Improve documentation for TFBuildPullRequestInfo.Id and TFBuildPullRequestInfo.Number.


  • #2661 Build not stopped when rethrowing exception in OnError.
  • #2640 Remove unnecessary parameter from AddMetadataAttribute method.
  • #2637 CreateAssemblyInfo alias creates invalid file when using .vb.
  • #2534 Windows 10: System.PlatformNotSupportedException: System.Data.SqlClient is not supported on this platform.
  • #2527 Don't limit the #load to only .cake files.
  • #2498 ParseProject fails on an absolute HintPath.
  • #2275 System.Data.SqlClient in Cake.CoreCLR Assembly Load Error.


  • #2643 Cake & Cake.CoreCLR nuget package icon self contained.
  • #2634 Move from global variables to typed context.
  • #2628 Add Jérémie to copyright & nuspec .
  • #2541 build.ps1 fails in non-English culture because of the culture sensitive test.
  • #1571 Fix integration tests to include new DotNetCore aliases.