Cake v0.27.0 released

Thursday, 19 April 2018
Release Notes

Version 0.27.0 of Cake has been released.

The third release of 2018 is here! It contains mostly improvements and bug fixes. While this release doesn't contain any known breaking changes, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the next release will. The next release will introduce typed contexts to Cake, this will really improve the flexibility of Cake scripts, read more about this here.

The most notable bug fixes in 0.27.0 were made around addin installation. We updated the internals of Cake to use v4.6.0 of the NuGet Client libraries, which comes with performance improvements. Cake now also supports "offline" builds when using in-process NuGet, this was kind of a regression since it used to work with the old nuget.exe based installer. Another enhancement is that we've added a runtime assembly resolver for assembly versions that can't be found. This tackles most of the issues experienced around addin loading and dependency resolution. Last but not least, in-process NuGet now also supports specifying multiple NuGet sources through config. This can be achieved by separating sources using semicolon (;) when setting the NuGet Download Url configuration value. Below is an example using cake.config:


Last but not least, a friendly reminder that if you haven't pinned to a specific version of Cake, you should do it now :-) More information about pinning to a specific version can be found here.

Contributions were included from:

Full details of everything that was included in this release can be seen below.

As part of this release we had 26 issues closed.


  • #2078 Support expand environment variables in script pre-processor directives
  • #2047 Specify version during NuGet Updating
  • #2005 Add entries for Setup/Teardown in report
  • #1908 Octopus Deploy tool does not support list-deployments call for octo.exe


  • #2116 Loading Newtonsoft.Json in Cake.CoreCLR throws during assembly loading
  • #2084 Cake does not load dependencies in correct order
  • #2082 Investigate NuGet local V3 cache
  • #2081 Possibility to override default nuget sources
  • #2079 Default sources not loaded if nuget_source is empty


  • #2119 DotNetCore Publish misses Force / Self contained / Sources settings
  • #2113 Error when loading tools without internet connection
  • #2106 Remove NUnit3Settings.ErrorOutputFile property
  • #2092 Unable to set 'no-build' and 'no-restore' when executing DotNetCoreRun
  • #2051 Add support for msbuild.exe /restore option
  • #2039 XUnit2Runner doesn't respect ParallelismOption.None
  • #2036 Don't output usage when an error occured.
  • #2031 Simplify setting FileVersion and InformationalVersion
  • #2029 Investigate in-process NuGet dependency resolution
  • #2014 In-process NuGet don’t support multiple feeds through config
  • #2003 Add possibility for AssemblyMetadata collection in CreateAssemblyInfo
  • #1887 DotNetCoreRestoreSettings: support option --force
  • #1557 Add support for MSBuild /consoleloggerparameters


  • #2062 Fixed typo 'need to'
  • #2035 Fix typo in README
  • #1213 NuGetPushSettings.Source: incorrect documentation