New Cake Contrib Icon

Friday, June 23, 2017

Towards the end of 2016, the Cake Team had an internal discussion about the newly created Cake Contrib Organisation. The topic of this conversation was, how could we distinguish between packages (mainly NuGet ones) that were part of the Core Cake system (for example, Cake, Cake.Core, Cake.NuGet, etc), and packages which have been created by our amazing Cake Community, in the form of addins, and modules.

We, the Cake Team, are always startled by our amazing Cake Community. There is now somewhere in the region of 166 addins/modules for Cake. 152 of those have added the cake-contrib NuGet user as a co-owner of that package on, and 72 of these packages have opted to move the repository into the Cake Contrib Organisation on GitHub.

To date, when things like Community contributed NuGet packages have been created, one of two things happened. Either that package wasn't given an icon, and would appear with the default icon in the NuGet Gallery, or the package would use the main Cake icon. While there is nothing necessarily "wrong" with using the main Cake icon for a package, it does give that package an elevated status in the eyes of some. i.e. someone might think "ooo, that package has the Cake icon, it must be an official package from the Cake Team". While this is sometimes true, in the sense that one of the Core Cake Contributors might own a particular package, this is certainly not normally the case, and the Core Cake Team can't offer support for all these packages.

To help with this false association, and also as a means to highlight the amazing work that happens by our Cake Community, we are introducing the official Cake Contrib Icon:

Offical Cake Contrib Icon

Going forward, we will be encouraging all Cake Community Maintainers to use this icon whenever they are creating addins, modules, extensions, etc for Cake. If you want to grab the icon, you can find various formats and sizes in the Cake Contrib graphics repository.

Please do let us know what you think about the new icon, or if you have any questions.

We are very grateful to Mikael Brassman for creating the icon for us.