Cake v0.12.0 released

Wednesday, 25 May 2016
Release Notes

Version 0.12.0 of Cake has been released.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but...

This is a huge release for Cake! In this release we have added support for the debugging of Cake scripts using Visual Studio, as well as support for the .Net CLI Tools (a.k.a. dotnet). The best part about both of these features is that they were contributed again by our amazing community members. Thank you, we very much appreciate your help!

In addition to these amazing features, we also took the time to squash some bugs, as well as to improve our own builds through the use of Polly, which is helping with NuGet issues on our Travis CI Builds.

Keep an eye out on the blog and on the Cake website for additional information about the new debugging support and how it can be used.

Contributions were included from:

Full details of everything that was included in this release can be seen below.


  • #893 Fix globalization & white space issue
  • #883 New Setup(Action) fails on mono
  • #875 Cake.pdb is missing in artifacts
  • #867 Tool path is wrong when calling cake file in sub directory


  • #907 Add support for .NET Core CLI
  • #869 Add pre-processor directive which injects Debugger.Break()
  • #821 Add an EnsureDirectoryExists Alias to CreateDirectory and not fail if it exists
  • #114 Debugging support


  • #912 Added additional missing variables for GitVersion
  • #910 Add missing GitVersion return values
  • #909 Add missing GitVersion return values
  • #895 Consider adding developmentDependency to nuspec for Cake.Common
  • #889 Specify culture for Roslyn debug string formats
  • #881 Add cake-build build.cake NuGet restore retry handling
  • #860 During the publishing cycle, continue with each step, and error at end if there is a problem
  • #859 Add all artifacts to AppVeyor during publishing cycle
  • #752 Add register and ReturnTargetCodeOffset option in opencover
  • #736 Unified tool resolution
  • #627 Drop DNU/DNX support in favor of dotnet CLI


  • #870 Corrected resource download urls
  • #866 Docs: Typos in XBuild docs
  • #852 -Mono parameter is not documented in Program.cs output
  • #601 How to get ILRepack executable?