Cake v0.11.0 released

Sunday, 1 May 2016
Release Notes

Version 0.11.0 of Cake has been released.

There has been a lot of improvements and bug fixes in this release, but other than that we've been mostly focused on getting proper integration tests in place to better find regressions in future versions of Cake.

We've also (finally) added overloads for the Setup/Teardown methods that provides an ICakeContext. The old methods will now output an obsoletion warning, so you may want to think about updating the usage of those in your build scripts sooner rather than later.

Contributions were included from:

Thank you all!

Please let us know if you run into any issues with this latest release.


  • #846 Regression: ProcessArgumentListExtensions was renamed
  • #839 DNU usage of multi arguments changed
  • #823 MSTest tool resolution fail if Visual Studio isn't in default location
  • #811 Fix issue with final build step
  • #797 Actual type of RepositoryUrl is String not Uri


  • #833 Add configuration file for Cake.
  • #814 Add Text Transform support
  • #791 Add FileSize alias
  • #742 Add TravisCI buildsystem
  • #644 Add Bitrise CI build system support
  • #362 Add integration tests


  • #854 Remove tools and addins from packages.config.
  • #850 Setup Issue and Pull Request Templates
  • #835 Obsolete XmlPoke string alias and add new method/alias for string
  • #832 Signtool: Add support for certificates from the certificate store based on thumbprint
  • #830 Add generic optional tool timeout
  • #818 Add NuGetPacker support for IncludeReferencedProjects
  • #801 Parse multiple InternalsVisibleTo attributes from AssemblyInfo
  • #774 Add StorePasswordInClearText to NuGetSoiurceAdd NuGetSourcesSettings
  • #766 TeamCity ImportDotCoverCoverage tests fail when running on TeamCity
  • #762 Have TeamCityDisposableExtensions extend ITeamCityProvider
  • #760 Remove (Install) from Chocolatey Package
  • #743 Setup/Teardown should provide ICakeContext
  • #524 Signtool: Add support for description (/d)
  • #438 Support NuGet 3 new parameters


  • #806 Added note about ReSharper License
  • #772 Added Chocolatey Package Badge