Cake v0.5.0 released

20 July 2015
Release Notes

Today we're finally announcing Mono support for Cake. This is an important milestone and thanks go to Jonathan Dick for his contributions to make this happen.

We've been testing it for some time now and haven't seen any major bugs, but if you encounter something that's not quite right please make sure to file an issue on GitHub or report it on our Gitter channel.

Cake requires Mono version 4.0.2 to work as expected. You can download it from the Mono website.

On non-Windows operating systems capable of running Mono it should work out of the box, otherwise you simply pass the argument -mono to Cake.exe to use the Mono script engine instead of Roslyn.

Special thanks also go to Chris Missal and SharpRAD for their contributions in the form of Fixie and NuGet proxy support.

New features:


  • Improved tool resolution.
  • Fixed MSBuild verbosity bug.