Cake v0.31.0 released

Thursday, December 13, 2018
Release Notes

Version 0.31.0 of Cake has been released.

In this version we've got quite a few new features, improvements and fixes. A full list of changes is at end of this post, but first there's a few we would like to highlight.

Globber improvements

Cake's built-in globber has gone through a major overhaul, with several improvements. A few notable ones are:

  • Bracket wildcard
    • Specific: ba[rz] that matches "bar" or "baz"
    • Ranges: ba[a-zA-z] or ba[1-3] that matches "baa" or "ba1", among others
  • Brace expansion: foo{bar,baz} that would match "foobar" and "foobaz"
  • Negation in bracket wildcards (i.e [!Cc]at that would match "bat" but not "cat" or "Cat")
  • Support for UNC paths

Example usage:

FilePathCollection files = GetFiles($"./folder/fooba[rz].txt");

DirectoryPathCollection directories = GetDirectories($"./folder/fooba[rz]");

.NET Core Mono fallback on Unix

Full .NET Framework tools will usually execute fine on Windows even if running under .NET Core, but they'll fail on Unix systems. They don't know what to do with .NET Framework executables. With this release, Cake will inspect if tools with .exe extension have a proper .NET Framework PE header and then try to execute it with Mono if available.

This means that you'll be able to use .NET Framework tools even if you're using Cake.CoreCLR or Cake.Tool running under .NET Core, if you have Mono installed.

Version & Info arguments

The --version argument has changed to only output the Semantic Version of Cake i.e. 0.31.0, or 0.31.0-alpha0095, for a pre release. This will make it easier to check and verify available Cake version in scripts and bootstrappers.

You can still get the previous output by using the --info argument.

NuGet 4.9.2

Cake has been updated to use version 4.9.2 of the NuGet client libraries, which has several fixes, especially around performance and signed packages.

Contributions were included from:

Full details of everything that was included in this release can be seen below.


As part of this release we had 38 issues closed.


  • #2320 Alias for ScriptCallerInfo.
  • #2286 Add .NET build server shutdown alias "DotNetCoreBuildServerShutdown".
  • #2277 Add basic implementation of info command.
  • #2201 Extend supported globber patterns.
  • #2200 Support UNC paths.
  • #2198 Add GlobberSettings.
  • #2197 Don't rely on System.IO namespace for FilePath/DirectoryPath.
  • #1976 Add MSBuildSettings.NoLogo.
  • #1383 Add command line option to display build target graph.


  • #2391 Upgrade to NuGet 4.9.2.
  • #2387 Extend GetTooolExecutableNames for GitVersion.
  • #2384 Add homebrew fallback path for MSBuild tool resolver.
  • #2369 Update Roslyn to 2.10.0.
  • #2350 In-process NuGet client should reuse package sources as specified in NuGet.Config if available.
  • #2341 Add support for JUnit Output Format.
  • #2332 TFBuild UploadArtifact commands should support directories.
  • #2312 Add method to expand environment variables to FilePath/DirectoryPath.
  • #2308 Use Mono for full framework executables if running on Unix & .NET Core.
  • #2306 Add VSTestReportPath to DotNetCoreTestSettings.
  • #2300 Make DotNetCoreTool alias project path optional add overloads without.
  • #2297 NUnit3Settings does not provide an option to specify the configuration file to load.
  • #2284 --version should only return sem/nuget version.
  • #2272 Update in-process NuGet client to support offline environments.
  • #2268 Add .NET Core tool support for Octopus aliases.
  • #2265 Update Roslyn to 2.9.0.
  • #2257 NuGetPack should have a version suffix setting.
  • #2255 Show warning when referenced package is missing version number.
  • #2246 Add NuGet projectUrl to nuspec/csproj packages.
  • #2245 Add symbols for Cake.Tool package.
  • #2061 NuGetPack overwrites developmentDependency and requireLicenseAcceptance from nuspec.
  • #1875 Folder structure of tools and addins can cause too long paths on Windows.


  • #2385 Typo in BuildSystem.TeamCity property example.
  • #2365 Fixed typos.
  • #2267 Fix more 'occured' and 'occuring' typos.


  • #2358 Use new license format in published nupkg’s.


  • #2342 Provide value for self-contained to support succeeding parameters.
  • #2310 Cake.Testing.Xunit RuntimeFact and RuntimeTheory doesn't work for .NET Core App.
  • #2252 Cake fails to start on posix systems if script / current directory is root ( / ).

Cake v0.30.0 released

Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Release Notes

Version 0.30.0 of Cake has been released.

With this release we've got several improvements and bug fixes contributed from the community, so firstly big thanks to all for your continued support! In this post we would like to highlight a few of those.

Cake is now available as a global .NET CLI tool. This means you can easily install Cake and have it globally available in your environment using the dotnet tool command.

Once installed, you can launch cake from anywhere using the .NET CLI

Which means you can now easily bootstrap the installation of Cake, if you have .NET Core SDK version 2.1.400 or newer installed. Existing boostrappers will still work as we created a new NuGet package for the tool, which means we now have the following packages for Cake:

NuGet client assemblies have been updated to latest stable, this resolves issues with signed NuGet packages which could cause Cake to hang while acquiring tools and addins from

Setting classes collection properties have been overhauled and refactored to enable initializer syntax. Might seem small, but it's really convenient, it makes


Contributions were included from:

Full details of everything that was included in this release can be seen below.


Cake v0.29.0 released

Friday, July 6, 2018
Release Notes

Version 0.29.0 of Cake has been released.

We're really excited by this release which has some splendid features and improvements!

In this blog post we'll highlight the new exclusive parameter which adds support for executing a single task without dependencies. You can find a full list of changes at the end of this post.

Contributions were included from:


Cake v0.28.1 released

Monday, June 18, 2018
Release Notes

Version 0.28.1 of Cake has been released.

After releasing version 0.28.0 we detected that tasks with multiple criterias were written multiple times to the log and that certain messages from the NuGet integration had too high verbosity for certain types of messages.

In other words nothing serious, but if the task log suddenly irritates you as much as it did me, it might be worth bumping your pinned version to 0.28.1.

Contributions were included from:


Cake.Issues - A suite of addins for issue handling in Cake

Sunday, June 10, 2018
Pascal Berger

Do you want to break your build on JetBrains InspectCode issues? Do you want to create nice reports for StyleCop issues in your code? Do you want to have ESLint issues reported as comments to pull requests? The Cake.Issues addins allows you to do this and much more. Read issues from different analyzer or linters, create reports or add them as comments to pull requests.