Cake Contributions

What is the Cake Contrib organization

The Cake Contrib organization contains community supported extensions for Cake.

Goals of the Cake Contrib organization are:

  • Provide a central location that extension authors can decide to move their extensions to, when it is clear that they are no longer able to maintain it. In this case, other interested maintainers can easily be added to the team to help with the maintenance.
  • Provide a central location that extension authors can choose to move their extensions to, when they were still interested in maintaining the project, and just want to take advantage of the benefits of moving into this organization.
  • Provide the infrastructure to allow continuous integration builds of the extensions, without having the extension maintainers to worry about the setup overhead.
  • Provide an automated auditing process for Cake extensions. See Tracking Addin's, Modules and Recipes for details.
  • Provide an option to notify the Cake community about new releases of extensions via official Cake Contrib communication channels such as Twitter, GitHub Discussions or Slack.

Joining Cake Contrib organization

We're happy to have any repositories which extend the Cake ecosystem in the Cake Contrib organization.

Please start a new discussion to initiate a new repository in the Cake Contrib organization or transfer an existing repository to the Cake Contrib organization.

For details about the process, see Joining Cake Contrib organization.


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