Cake Contribution Organization

As some of you may know, we recently opened an issue on GitHub to discuss the problem of Cake addins becoming stale. This blog post aims to recap the discussion that was had within that issue, as well as the plan going forward.

The first thing that I want to re-iterate is that the Cake Team are not attempting to throttle or take over the development of Cake addins/modules in anyway. We love the fact that there is a thriving Community behind Cake, and we want to encourage that. However, we do have a responsibility to the wider Cake Community and we want to ensure that any addins and modules that are created, can continue to be maintained, should the original developer no longer be in a position to maintain it.


How does Cake use MyGet?

This the first in a series of blog posts which will attempt to explain how Cake uses a number of different online services in order to develop, build, and deploy Cake.

What is MyGet?

MyGet is a hosted package server that allows hosting of the following package types:

  • NuGet
  • Chocolatey
  • Npm
  • Bower
  • Vsix
  • Symbols
  • PowerShell Modules

In addition MyGet also offers a build service to allow for the execution of build scripts.