Cake v0.19.1 released

24 March 2017
Release Notes

Version 0.19.1 of Cake has been released.

This is a minor hotfix release for 0.19.0, which fixes an issue discovered in the new VSWhere aliases.

So what is VSWhere? One issue with Visual Studio 2017 is that it can be installed anywhere, and you can have multiple versions side by side. As a result the registry keys, and standard paths previously used to identify where Visual Studio was installed, no longer apply.

This is where VSWhere comes in. It's a utility that can identify and list current installations of Visual Studio, as well as other developer products.

VSWhere is available on NuGet (and Chocolatey) which means you can fetch it using the tool pre-processor directive like this:

#tool nuget:?package=vswhere

There are a couple of VSWhere aliases available in Cake. If you just want to use the latest Visual Studio version available - then there's the VSWhereLatest alias. A complete example of fetching the VSWhere tool and using it to find path to MSBuild is shown below:

#tool nuget:?package=vswhere
DirectoryPath vsLatest  = VSWhereLatest();
FilePath msBuildPathX64 = (vsLatest==null)
                            ? null
                            : vsLatest.CombineWithFilePath("./MSBuild/15.0/Bin/amd64/MSBuild.exe");

MSBuild("./src/Example.sln", new MSBuildSettings {
    ToolPath = msBuildPathX64

Contributions were included from:

Full details of everything that was included in this release can be seen below.

As part of this release we had 1 issue closed.


  • #1543 VSWhere aliases should return Directory Paths and not File Paths