Announcing Cake for Yeoman

23 September 2016

Announcing Cake for Yeoman

Yeoman users rejoice! You can now bootstrap your project for Cake with Yeoman and the new generator-cake generator.

If you have node.js and npm already installed, simply run the following commands to quickly get started with Yeoman and Cake:

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-cake

Then, from your terminal, just run yo cake to quickly bootstrap Cake, including a build script, bootstrapper scripts and config files in the current folder.

Running 'yo cake'

You can also install each of these individually using yo cake:config or yo cake:bootstrapper.


Finally, you can also use our (experimental) generator for Frosting to quickly setup a new .NET Core project using Frosting:

yo cake:frosting

Running 'yo cake:frosting'

You can find the source on GitHub and I'm happy to take contributions, questions and feedback on the generator.

My name is Alistair Chapman and I'm an ALM consultant and occasional .NET developer from Brisbane, Australia who started working on Cake in 2016 and coincidentally hasn't been bored ever since. You can find me on GitHub and Twitter as agc93, or check out my blog.