Cake v0.5.2 released

16 August 2015
Release Notes

This release has mostly been about improving the performance of file and directory globbing, but one or two features and bug fixes managed to sneak in as well.

We've also added support for using alias directives which might be useful if you're having problems with conflicting type names. However, this feature only works with the Roslyn based script engine at the moment due to a bug in the Mono compiler. An issue have been filed to Xamarin's bug tracker about this.

New features:

  • Added ILRepack support.
  • Added XmlPoke support.
  • Added support for using-alias-directives (Roslyn only).


  • Globber performance improvements.
  • Increased visibility of skipped tasks.
  • Changed Fixie's TeamCityOutput to a nullable boolean.


  • Fix for PlatformTarget not being used in MSBuild runner.
  • Fix for CleanDirectory bug.