Running Cake Scripts

There are different runners available for running Cake scripts.

.NET Core Tool

This is the recommended way to run Cake Scripts.

The Cake.Tool NuGet package, is a .NET Core global tool compiled for .NET Core 2.1 or newer.

For bootstrapping .NET Core Tool see Bootstrapping .NET Core Tool.

Cake runner for .NET Framework

The Cake NuGet package is a runner requiring .NET Framework 4.6.1 or newer on Windows and Mono 5.12.0 or newer on Mac or Linux.

It is suggested to use .NET Framework 4.7.2 or newer to run build scripts which are using addins targeting .NET Standard 2.0 only.

This runner is mainly for backwards compatibility where scripts or addins are used which require .NET Framework. In all other cases it is recommended to use .NET Core Tool.

For bootstrapping Cake runner for .NET Framework see Bootstrapping for Cake runner for .NET Framework.

Cake runner for .NET Core

The Cake.CoreCLR NuGet package is a runner compiled for .NET Core 2.0.

The Cake runner for .NET Core is deprecated and it is suggested to use .NET Core Tool for running Cake under .NET Core.