Bootstrapping Scripts

Bootstrapping scripts ensure you have Cake and other required dependencies installed. The bootstrapper scripts are also responsible for invoking Cake.

If you have .NET Core Tool or any other Cake Runner already available in your environment you won't need a bootstrapping script.

Bootstrapping for .NET Core Tool

The following instructions require .NET Core 3.0 or newer. See How to manage .NET Core tools for details and other options.


There's a one-time setup required for configuring a repository to use Cake .NET Core tool.

Make sure to have a tool manifest available in your repository or create one using the following command:

dotnet new tool-manifest

Install Cake as a local tool using the dotnet tool command:

dotnet tool install Cake.Tool --version x.y.z

Running build script

Make sure tools are restored:

dotnet tool restore

Once installed, you can launch Cake using the .NET CLI:

dotnet cake

By convention this will execute the build script named build.cake. You can override this behavior by additionally passing the name of the build script.

Bootstrapping for Cake runner for .NET Framework

Getting the bootstrapper

Bootstrapper for Cake runner for .NET Framework is available in the Cake Resources repository and can be installed using the command for your operating system from below:

Open a new PowerShell window and run the following command:

Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile build.ps1

Open a new shell and run the following command:

curl -Lsfo

Open a new shell and run the following command:

curl -Lsfo

Extending the bootstrapper

The bootstrapper that you can get directly from is intended as a starting point for what can be done. It is the developer's discretion to extend the bootstrapper to solve for your own requirements.