Usage Information


Cake.exe [script] [-switches]


Switch Description
-verbosity=value Specifies the amount of information to be displayed (quiet, minimal, normal, verbose, diagnostic).
-showdescription Shows the description for tasks.
-showtree, -tree Shows build target graph.
-dryrun Performs a dry run.
-version Displays version information.
-help Displays usage information.
-experimental Uses lastest build of the Roslyn script engine.

Custom switches

All switches not recognized by Cake will be added to an argument list that is passed to the build script. You can access arguments with the Argument alias methods.


Arguments passed to Cake like this:

Cake.exe -showstuff=true

Can be accessed from the script with the Argument alias:

Argument<bool>("showstuff", false);


The conversion uses type converters under the hood to convert the string value to the desired type.


To run Cake with default arguments:


To run a specific script with a specific verbosity:

Cake.exe script.cake -verbosity=diagnostic

To dry run a specific script:

Cake.exe script.cake -dryrun