DotNetCoreNuGetDelete(ICakeContext, string, string, DotNetCoreNuGetDeleteSettings) Method


[deprecated] DotNetCoreNuGetDelete is obsolete and will be removed in a future release. Use DotNetNuGetDelete(ICakeContext, string, string, DotNetNuGetDeleteSettings) instead. Deletes a package from a server using the specified settings.


[Obsolete("DotNetCoreNuGetDelete is obsolete and will be removed in a future release. Use DotNetNuGetDelete instead.")]
public static void DotNetCoreNuGetDelete(this ICakeContext context, string packageName, string packageVersion, DotNetCoreNuGetDeleteSettings settings)


 var settings = new DotNetCoreNuGetDeleteSettings
     Source = "",
     NonInteractive = true

 DotNetCoreNuGetDelete("Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc", "1.0", settings);


Type Description
CakeMethodAliasAttribute An attribute used to mark script method aliases.
CakeAliasCategoryAttribute An attribute used for documentation of alias methods/properties.
CakeNamespaceImportAttribute An attribute used to hint Cake about additional namespaces that need to be imported for an alias to work. This attribute can mark an extension method, the extension method class, or the assembly to provide a global set of imports.


Name Type Description
context ICakeContext The context.
packageName string Name of package to delete.
packageVersion string Version of package to delete.
settings DotNetCoreNuGetDeleteSettings The settings.

Return Value

Type Description