Cake.Common.Tools.DotNetCore.MSBuild Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
DotNetCoreMSBuildBuilder .NET Core project builder.
DotNetCoreMSBuildSettings Contains settings used by DotNetCoreMSBuildBuilder.
DotNetCoreMSBuildSettingsExtensions Contains functionality related to .NET Core MSBuild settings.
MSBuildArgumentBuilderExtensions Contains functionality related to MSBuild arguments.
MSBuildBinaryLoggerSettings MSBuild binary logger settings used by DotNetCoreMSBuildSettings.
MSBuildDistributedLogger Represents the Distributed Logging Model with a central logger and forwarding logger.
MSBuildFileLoggerSettings Represents the settings for a file logger.
MSBuildLoggerSettings Represents the common settings for a logger.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
MSBuildBinaryLoggerImports What files to include in the binary log.
MSBuildConsoleColorType Represents how the console color should behave in a console.
MSBuildLoggerOutputLevel Represents the logging output level for a MSBuild logger.
MSBuildTreatAllWarningsAs Represents how all warnings should be treated as by MSBuild.