FixieSettings Class


Contains settings used by FixieRunner.

public sealed class FixieSettings : ToolSettings
NUnitXml FilePath Gets or sets the file to be used to output NUnit style of XML results.
Options IDictionary<string,​ IList<string>> Gets the collection of Options as KeyValuePairs.
TeamCity Nullable<bool> Gets or sets the the option to force TeamCity-formatted output on or off.
XUnitXml FilePath Gets or sets the file to be used to output xUnit style of XML results.
ArgumentCustomization Func<ProcessArgumentBuilder,​ ProcessArgumentBuilder> Gets or sets the argument customization. Argument customization is a way that lets you add, replace or reuse arguments passed to a tool. This allows you to support new tool arguments, customize arguments or address potential argument issues. (Inherited from ToolSettings)
EnvironmentVariables IDictionary<string,​ string> Gets or sets search paths for files, directories for temporary files, application-specific options, and other similar information. (Inherited from ToolSettings)
ToolPath FilePath Gets or sets the tool path. (Inherited from ToolSettings)
ToolTimeout Nullable<TimeSpan> Gets or sets optional timeout for tool execution. (Inherited from ToolSettings)
WorkingDirectory DirectoryPath Gets or sets the working directory for the tool process. (Inherited from ToolSettings)
Extension Methods
WithOption(string, ​String[])​ Adds an option to the settings.