Cake.XdtTransform Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
XdtDocumentSource Represents a literal XDT transformation document.
XdtFragmentSource Represents a fragment of an XDT transformation document.

This is typically going to be a document fragment like a single <appSettings> value as opposed to a full document.

The implementation will attempt to infer the correct document structure using the default .NET <configuration> root element. For more complex use cases, it's probably most appropriate to use XdtDocumentSource or derive a class from XdtSource.

XdtSource Represents the source of an XDT transformation XML document.
XdtTransformation The XDT Transformation class.
XdtTransformationAlias Contains functionality for working with XDT transformations.
XdtTransformationLog Implementation of IXmlTransformationLogger that simply saves all entries.
XdtTransformationLogEntry Entry from XdtTransformationLogEntry
XdtTransformationSettings Contains settings used by XdtTransformation.