Cake.Tfx Namespace


This namespace contains Tfx aliases.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
ITfxArgumentBuilder Interface for TfxArgumentBuilder

Class Types

Class Summary

Contains functionality related to the TFS Cross Platform Command Line Interface.

In order to use the commands for this addin, the tfx-cli utility will need to be installed and available, or you will need to provide a ToolPath to where it can be located, and also you will need to include the following in your build.cake file to download and reference the addin from

#addin Cake.Tfx

TfxArgumentBuilder The top level argument builder for the Tfx CLI Tool
TfxAuthType The authentication type to use for Tfx commands
TfxOutputType The output type for the Tfx commands
TfxServerSettings Contains the common server settings used by some commands in Tfx.
TfxSettings Contains the common settings used by all commands in Tfx.
TfxTool<TSettings> Base class for all Tfx related tools.


Namespace Summary
Cake.Tfx.Extension This namespace contains members related to Tfx Extension.