Cake.Talend Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
EsbTaskStateEnum The list of states for ESB Tasks.
RepositoryEnum The two main repositories.
TalendAdminApi Provides functionality for performing Talend Admin API calls.
TalendAdminApiAliases Provides functionality for calling Talend Admin Center API.
TalendAdminApiCommands Lists all commands available to Talend Admin API
TalendAdminApiSettings Settings for Talend Admin Center API
TalendCommandLineAliases Provides functionality for calling Talend Studio as a Command Line.
TalendCommandLineSettings Contains settings used by TalendCommandLineTool<TSettings>
TalendCommandLineTool<TSettings> Base class for all Talend Command Line tools.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
ITalendAdminApi The available methods to call on the Talend Admin API