Cake.StrongNameTool Namespace

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IStrongNameToolResolver Represents a strong name tool resolver.

Class Types

Class Summary
StrongNameCreateToolAliases Strong Name (sn.exe) tool aliases.static It is possible to create a new snk file by passing the path to the file that you want to create.
StrongNameReSignToolAliases Strong Name (sn.exe) tool aliases. It is possible to resign a delay-signed assembly. The resign alias uses the sn.exe containers to resign the specified assemblies. the aliases also provide verification functionality. The verify alias will check if an assembly has a strong name or not. ForceVerification set to true.
StrongNameResolver Strong name resolver.
StrongNameToolRunner Strong name tool runner.
StrongNameToolSettings Contains the settings used by sn.exe
StrongNameVerifyToolAliases Strong name verify tool aliases. If one has turned off strong name verification on a machine you can provide the StrongNameToolSettings with ForceVerification set to true.