Cake.SqlServer Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
BackupAliases Contains functionality to backup and restore SQL Server database
BackupDatabaseSettings Settings for backing up database to a file
CreateDatabaseFileSpec File Spec object to describe file name and path for creating databases
CreateDatabaseSettings Settings object for creation of databases See spec from
DacAliases Contains functionality to deal with DAC functionality from SQL Server: create and restore BACPAC files; create and restore DACPAC files
DbUserMode This enum specifies what user mode the database should be in
ExtractDacpacSettings Settings for extract dacpac from database
LocalDbVersion Version of LocalDB
PublishDacpacSettings Settings for extract dacpac from database
RestoreSqlBackupSettings Settings for restoring database from a backup file

Contains functionality to deal with SQL Server: DropDatabase, CreateDatabase, execute SQL, execute SQL from files, etc. Provides functionality to manage LocalDb instances: Create, Start, Stop, Delete instances;

In order to use the commands for this addin, include the following in your build.cake file to download and reference from

#addin "nuget:?package=Cake.SqlServer"